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The Breakout Brainstorm Call

Gimme 15 mins and I'll find ONE high-end retainer or contract hiding in your business that you can close in the next 14 days

Russell Pearson

You're an expert in your field.

You should be getting better clients at higher fees, but the time-wasting marketing tactics and strong-arm sales methods don't work for trusted advisors like you.

Two things to know.

Numeró Uno - YOUR TIME is SUPER valuable!

AND Number II, there is a better way to engage quality clients and simple steps that will get you results this week.

Which is why we created the Breakout Brainstorm Call.

It's FAST!

Discover the opportunities right in front of you and get your business's next steps in less than 15 minutes.

While the following results aren't typical, other business owners who've done this quick session include:

  • An agency owner who generated 72 new client opportunities in 24 hours after the call.
  • An event organiser who closed a multinational sponsorship deal from the strategy we created.
  • A consultant who increased their fee structure by 150% without losing any clients a week after our conversation.
  • A trainer who got in the door with 24 corporate managers to book out his training program.
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Here's How it Works.

We jump on a call to quickly identify your question or challenge and come up with ONE of 3 steps for you.

1. We give you the tactic or answer you need to move forward.

Often it’s difficult to see the next right step you need to take because you’re so close to the subject.

We bring a different perspective to your business and due to our experience can often show you a path out of your challenge immediately.

We have a quick chat, we identify the sticking point and ensure you have what you need to jump off the call and get into action.

It feels great ot be back in momentum again.

2. We refer you to an expert we know

Before the call we don’t know what’s currently going on for you.

So we don’t yet know IF and HOW we may be able to assist.

But once we chat, we’ll know if we can assist or whether we should refer you to one of our specialists.

We’re very well networked and if we can’t help you, we’ll introduce you to the right person right there on the call.

You’ll leave the call with a contact made and feel secure that your next step is in safe hands.

3. We’ll make a time to plan a strategy

Sometimes the solution requires a little more conversation to but an action plan together.

If that’s the case we’ll invite you to a strategy call…on us, no cost involved.

So that we can help you find your best next steps.

You’ll leave the session knowing exactly what you need to do next and how to do it.

Having that sort of clarity creates confidence and doesn’t it feel great to confidently know where you’re headed.

Who is this for?

This is PERFECT for expertise businesses, consultants, advisors, and specialist service providers.

Especially for those that are struggling with an aspect of Marketing or Sales.

You could want more qualified clients, better clients, OR simply hire fees.

You may also want to reduce your hours of work, or speed up your sales cycle without reducing your income.

This is NOT really for product-only businesses, ecommerce or any form of multi-level marketing.

It's also NOT for those wanting to start a business WITHOUT any real expertise behind them.

Basically, if you're an expert who is offering services...this call is IDEAL for you.

What do I need to bring?

We’ll run the call on zoom, so you can record if you like.

Our methods are so magically simple that you don’t need to be a marketeer or a techo wiz to make them work.

As long as you can get on the call, we’re good to go.

You may want to also bring a pen and paper to take notes.

But most importantly bring your enthusiasm and the challenge you’d like to address.

You don’t have to have it completely nailed down, but with the short time frame we want to make it purposeful.

Sound fair?

Is there a cost OR is this a sales pitch?

No there is no cost for the Breakout Brainstorm Call.

It’s just an easy conversation to see IF and HOW we can even help.

AND to be clear - This is also NOT a sales call.

It’s easier to have the converation knowing that up front.

Firstly, this is only a 15 minute call.

AND, while we do run very cool business programs, we won’t know IF they are even right for you at this point.

So have no fear of the dreaded PITCH!

Are there any BONUSES?

YES actually - If you book the call in the next week, you’ll be doing the call with Russell Pearson personally.

Russell is the founder of the FORGE Business Program and has over 26 years experience advising on sales, marketing and promotion across over 210 industries and sectors.

You’ll actually get to speak with Russell directly about the challenge or question in your business.

You couldn’t be in better hands.

If there was ever a time to book, it’s now.

How do I book my Breakout Brainstorm Call?

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We're looking forward to helping you with your next steps.

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